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 Anthony Kelly
         Lead Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin

Date of birth - December 18, 1970
Residence - Rocanville, Sask.
Anthony Hugh Kelly was the second of five sons. From a very early age Anthony’s parents taught their sons how to sing. With Mom leading the singing and Dad playing guitar they put them on stage entertaining at local concerts, family gatherings and even some local television. Around the age of seven, Anthony showed an interest in playing guitar and one was bought. Eventually a family band emerged with Anthony on lead guitar.  The family band had a repertoire of gospel and country music.  Through high school Anthony played with a local rock band and also got a
lot of experience performing on weekends with a dance band. It was during this time that he first started writing songs. After a year in Vancouver studying recording and music business, Anthony returned to Saskatchewan and ended up joining Shifty Morgan in the spring of 1993. Anthony lives in the Qu’Appelle valley with his wife, Rosanne and their four daughters. When he’s not making music he enjoys working on the farm and playing with his kids

Anthony Kelly

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