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Neil Coghill

Home-Whitewood, Sask.
In 1966, at the age of 4, Neil began taking a real interest in banging on things...of course this was a subject of much consternation for his mother as many of the objects he chose to hit were set him up with cardboard boxes and hung pot lids from a broomstick laid across 2chairs. He banged along with the record player, developing his early roots with The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Four Seasons, The Supremes, and Buddy Knox. He chose his sticks carefully from a nearby caragana hedge and later graduated to a pair of wooden spoons which were much more uniform in size and weight. By the age of 6 he was dying to hit a real drum {the toy drums he got for Christmas just did not cut it .The paper heads broke the same day} he joined the school band. This provided a snare drum and stand, lessons, and real cymbals!!...{which he took home and hung from the broom stick}. In grade 6 he received a phone call from a boy in grade 8 asking to start a rock band...Issinglass played for captive audiences in the local school gym. Still with no real drum set Neil roped big marching snares to wooden chairs and got at it. Cymbals were {you guessed it!} hung from a broom stick. In grade 7 Neil got his first drum set. He taught himself to play them in the basement and soon after in the loft of his parents barn...{something about the volume of the new drums). Neil was in many different high school rock bands...the members kept changing as they either quit or moved away. Most of the bands were called Rage. They would set up their own dances and play in neighbouring towns-{no bookings}. After high school, Neil spent a few months on the road with a Calgary band called Action and then moved back home to Rocanville.
For the next few years he spent time with several rock bands and even an old time band where he learned the importance of hitting lightly and the use of brushes. He became interested in country music and in 1993 helped form the band Shifty Morgan.

Neil Coghill

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