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Vern Nixon

Hometown - Wapella, Sask.
Verns musical career began in 1982 at the urging of a close friend who convinced him to buy a second-hand bass for $200 so they could jam in his garage. This led to an association with current Shifty Morgan drummer Neil Coghill and the formation of a local rock band in Rocanville, Sask.
In 1983-84, Vern spent a year on the Brandon, Manitoba music scene, then moved to Saskatoon, Sask. in 1984. It was in Saskatoon where Vern was exposed to a wide musical spectrum, playing everything from pop/new wave to grunge metal. In his seven years in Saskatoon, Vern divided his time between being a weekend musician, night club bartender, and university student.
His most notable accomplishments were:
- founding member of pop/new wave act Some Kind of Fantasy
- original member of alternative recording act Love Empire
- member of classic rock recording act and 1990 Gold Fever semi-finalists, The Fact.
Fate (and employment) brought Vern back to the Rocanville/Moosomin area late in 1993, and he thought his musical career was virtually over. But when Shifty Morgans founding bassist, Brian Kelly, departed in 1995, Vern was urged to join the band as a permanent member. The rest, as they say, is history!

Vern Nixon

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